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Build custom Umbraco admin interfaces in a matter of minutes

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Effortless Integrations

Konstrukt is an award winning back office user interface builder for Umbraco.

With Konstrukt you can integrate custom database tables or external data sources directly into the Umbraco back office UI with minimum effort. Konstrukt takes away all the heavy lifting of creating custom management interfaces in Umbraco and wraps it in a  developer friendly configuration API and then auto-generates the UI for you.

What used to take multiple developers days now takes just one developer a matter of minutes. And it's not just about speed of integration, with Konstrukt you get a seamless and consistent user interface using many of the same features your editors have already come to know and love.

Key features

Friendly & Fluent

Configurable via a developer friendly fluent and strongly typed API


Works with any third party data source and Umbraco property editors.


Consistent Umbraco look and feel meaning your editors won't know where Umbraco ends and Konstrukt begins

Umbraco Based

Built to sit directly in Umbraco meaning your editors don't need to go anywhere else to manage their content


Konstrukt is fully supported by the same people who brought you Vendr

A message from Konstrukt's creator

As an avid Umbraco developer for over fifteen years, building numerous packages and becoming a multi-Umbraco MVP, creating Konstrukt (formally Fluidity) has been the culmination of years of Umbraco experience.

The development of Konstrukt has been one of the most fun things and probably the package I'm most proud of. It optimises what I love to bring to package development. A consistent and seamless integration with a friendly and approachable API.